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Is there a 3D model for my board?

Often, 3D models of development boards are used inside CAD packages to design enclosures, or to show how it integrates with other components. It’s a very useful tool, so we have started making 3D models for all of our development boards.

You can find links to the ones we have already available below.

ESP32-C6 boards

TinyC6 STEP files for both onboard and u.FL boards.

ESP32-S3 boards

STEP files for all UM ESP32-S3 boards are available in GitHub.

ESP32-S2 boards

TinyS2 STEP file.

FeatherS2 & FeatherS2 Neo STEP files.

ESP32 boards

TinyPICO V2/V3 and TinyPICO Nano STEP files.

Unexpected Maker Shields

I’ve started adding 3D models for UM Shields in GitHub.

Updated on March 23, 2024

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