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What WiFi and BLE range can I expect?

This is really a tough question to answer as there are so many external factors that can affect WiFi & BLE radio performance, including the construction of the building you are in, your network layout, power or RF noise in your area and where you are placing your board.

Board orientation can also play a factor, as well as if it’s in a breadboard or if you have wires from other modules near the antenna.

If you project really needs the radio to run over a long distance, we have u.FL versions of our ESP32-S3 boards, and our TinyPICO.

This will allow you to add an external antenna, that’s larger and supports a higher gain, so you can transmit and receive over a much longer distance that what a small onboard antenna can achieve.

How can I improve my WiFi distance/stability?

On the ESP32-S3, there’s a known issue were the native USB can interfere with the radio on channels below 6, so if you are using your board as a WiFi AP, set the channel number to 6 or above for best performance.

If you are trying to connect your board to your WiFi router, you can set the channel on your router to 6 or above to improve performance.

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Updated on August 24, 2023

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