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UM Analog Audio Shield

Information about the Unexpected Maker Analog Audio shield for TinyPICO, TinyS2, TinyS3, TinyC6 and ProS3.

The Audio Shield brings the noise with:

  • 1.5 W mono amplifier – which can be turned off to reduce power consumption
  • Magnetic buzzer
  • Trimmer potentiometer for gain control
  • A switch to swap between on-board buzzer and external speakers that can be connected via provided header

DAC Compatibility

On the TinyPICO & TinyS2, audio-in is connected to one of the two DACs (Digital to Analog Converter).

The TinyS3 and TinyC6 don’t have a built-in DAC anymore, but you can still generate cool sounds via PWM.

3D Model

You can find a 3D STEP model file for the UM Analog Audio shield in GitHub.

Where To Buy

Available from Unexpected Maker,

Updated on April 9, 2024

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