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UM Lora E5 Shield

Information about the Unexpected Maker Lora E5 shield for TinyPICO, TinyS2, TinyS3, TinyC6 and ProS3.

This shield includes an E5 LoRa module from Seeed, that contains an ARM Cortex M4 ultra-low-power MCU and LoRa® SX126X, and therefore supports (G)FSK mode and LoRa®. 62.5kHz, 125kHz, 250kHz, and 500kHz bandwidth can be used in LoRa® mode, making it suitable for the design of various IoT nodes, supporting the EU868 / US915 / AU915 / AS923 / KR920 / IN865 range of frequencies.

The E5 module is designed to be used with LoRaWAN, but can be used for LoRa (module to module) communications via it’s TEST mode, but not in full duplex.

You communicate with the E5 module via UART using the designated IO indicated below. The module itself comes pre-flashed with AT COMMAND based firmware.

The LoRa E5 Shield includes the following features:

  • LoRa E5 Module from Seed Studios
  • STEMMA/QT I2C connectors
  • JST PH connector for easy battery connection
  • On board 3V3 LDO regulator controlled by IO to allow the entire LoRa board to be powered down to conserve current when running from battery
  • u.FL and SMA Antenna connectors with a 0R resistor bridge for antenna selection.

NOTE: The U.FL connector is selected by default.

This shield doesn’t break out the E5 Modules SWD pins for re-flashing as that would break the shields ability to work.

Using The Shield

Due to the UART based communication with the module, any development language that supports creating a serial connection can be used to control the shield, but there are also libraries available for Arduino if that is your preferred development platform.

Don’t forget to enable the POWER pin in your code or the E5 module will be powered down and you will not be able to communicate with it.

3D Model

You can find a 3D STEP model file for the UM LoRa E5 shield in GitHub.

Where To Buy

Available from Unexpected Maker and Core Electronics.

Updated on April 9, 2024

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