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UM I2C Breakout Shield

Information about the Unexpected Maker I2C Breakout shield for TinyPICO, TinyS2, TinyS3, TinyC6 and ProS3.

The I2C Breakout shield offers 2 sets of STEMMA/QWIIC connectors and pin headers in 2 different 3v3 power rails.

The first has 3v3 power always on.

The second has user controlled 3V3 power that is off by default, so when you put your ESP32 into deep sleep, the 3V3 power for the I2C devices on that i2C bus get shut down automatically.

3D Model

You can find a 3D STEP model file for the UM I2C Breakout shield in GitHub.

Where To Buy

Available from Unexpected Maker, Pimoroni and Core Electronics.

Updated on April 9, 2024

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