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UM LCD Display Shield

Information about the Unexpected Maker LCD Display shield for TinyPICO, TinyS2, TinyS3, TinyC6 and ProS3.

This shield has a gorgeous colour IPS LCD display, with a massive 160×80 pixels in a 0.96” form factor. It uses the ST7735 driver, so there is a lot of library support available for all of the embedded languages and platforms.

The screen is powered from the 3V3 pin on the headers, so you can use this shield in battery powered project, or via 5V.

The LED backlight is controlled via PWM via the [LED] header pin shown below, and the SPI CS pin can be changed on the back via cutting and soldering some jumpers.

NOTE: The shield ships with the screen connected to the PCB, but not stuck to the front, so you can solder the header pins on first, and then stick the screen on with the double sided tape provided on the back of the screen.

Using The Shield

If you are using the Arduino IDE for development, we have an example project to get you started that uses the Adafruit ST7789 library.

3D Model

You can find a 3D STEP model file for the UM Display Shield in GitHub.

Where To Buy

Available from Unexpected Maker and Pimoroni.

Updated on April 9, 2024

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